Are you ready to spend 5-days setting up your passive and automated business model, so you can make money every day from multiple streams of revenue?

This is a 5-day life-changing program that shows you the process step-by-step process to create your very own passive and automated system, so you work hard for 5 days, to reap the financial rewards for years ro come…

Passive money is money you earn that doesn’t require you to do a lot of “active work, meaning you can do most of the work upfront and put in some additional effort along the way to earn an income.

The purpose is to spend 5-days creating a multiple revenue stream PASSIVE and AUTOMATED system that generates money even when you are not working.

Passive income is the answer to STOP trading time for money.

Over the 5-days you will learn how to build and launch the proven Financial Freedom Formula, which consists of 4 keys elements:

  • Create your own YouTube Cash Cow Channel. Millions of people make money every month from YouTube without showing their faces and this is one of the most profitable parts of your very own Financial Freedom Formula. I will take you step-by-step how you can do this, and you will launch your first Cash Cow automated YouTube video by the end of the 5-days, and the best part…these videos continue to bring in passive income years after you launch them. They are an excellent investment. YouTube is the passive income stream that just keeps on giving!
  • Build and launch your own Portal Product (you know those $7-$97 digital products you see all over social media. Digital products are media assets that people cannot touch, and include downloadable files, such as e-books, PDF’s, templates, plug-ins, mini courses etc. They have a high profit margin as you build them once and sell over and over and over again via automation. They also have no inventory or storage costs and there is no limit on the number of copies you can sell. Selling digital products is the epitome of passive income, and I walk you through how to automate the entire process.
  • Publish Instagram sponsored posts and shoutouts. We are going to create an Instagram passive income machine! This enables you to create sponsored posts (content pieces that endorse a specific product, service or offer) that you get paid to promote on your very niche Instagram page. We focus on ONE niche, as brands pay creators more if they publish quality content around one specific topic.
  • Affiliate and Product Marketer. This is one of best passive income opportunities available, as almost every large brand has their own affiliate program (including Amazon and Shopify). We work on a limited amount of brands to promote and create content within the 5-days, so once your content is done, it generates income passively again and again.

This is perfect for you if….

✅ You work for someone else and want to make an extra $8K-$10K per month

✅ You have your own business and want to add a passive and automated system on top of what you are already doing to add an extra $8K-$10K per month

✅ You want to quit your job and work for yourself, be your own boss and make $8K-$10K per month

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Victoria Garlick helps people start and scale their online business since 1997.

She lives on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney with her husband and 3 children.