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9 Top Membership Builders and Platforms

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Delivering high-value content and perks to users who subscribe on a monthly or annual basis is possible with a membership website. It enables creators to increase their earning potential for their digital businesses while working more intelligently rather than harder.

Here are the top picks of a membership Builders and Platforms that meet your needs and goals:

1. MembershipWorks

WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, and HTML static sites are all compatible with the membership program called MembershipWorks. You can either download it to your website as an extension or subscribe to the hosted version. 

Members can register, renew, and update their profiles on your website using MembershipWorks. They can be classified using labels and folders. When sending marketing emails, you can send it using the entire list or a specific subset of the members at any moment.

The timeline feature is what distinguishes MembershipWorks from other specialized membership solutions. You may view a member’s complete history in one location, including notes, payment history, donations, and events they’ve attended. 

To automatically record payments, membership renewals, and event registrations, Timeline has been connected with MembershipWorks’ billing and event management systems. 

02. Wix 

An extremely limited free plan and several premium options are both available with the hosted website builder Wix. You can set up a member’s section on any of these plans, allowing visitors to sign up and have access to premium content. You can offer paid memberships without installing any third-party integrations if you upgrade to one of the premium plans.

However, the capability of Wix is constrained. For example, you cannot make a bilingual membership site or customize the registration email. To enhance the experience of your members, you’ll also need to download a number of Wix business and social solutions, such as Wix Chat.

03. CMS Hub Enterprise 

The CRM and marketing, sales, and support technologies from HubSpot are completely integrated with the proprietary content management system CMS Hub. With CMS Hub, you can use HubSpot lists to restrict access to an area of your website to only certain groups. 

Whether you’re providing pricing offers to prospects, product updates to your current customers, or multilingual web pages to a worldwide audience, you can provide each visitor to your website a special experience without having to add any plugins or other software.

04. Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot is a website builder made specifically for membership sites. You can make several membership levels with features that increase with each pricing point. 

Wild Apricot has capabilities to assist you with managing your events, email marketing, and online payments in addition to member administration. 

With the help of WildApricot “widgets,” it’s simple to add membership forms, event calendars, donation forms, and more to any website. To finish, simply copy and paste a few lines of code from WildApricot onto your website. 

05. Weebly

With Weebly, you can create a membership site in an instant. Build membership tiers, provide members one-click login and add a straightforward signup form to your homepage. To increase sign-ups, you can also add buttons or links to your pages’ login or registration forms, email newsletters, and social media posts.

 06. Memberful 

Memberful makes it easier to build a community and generate income. You have the option to generate coupons, provide free trials, see your member activity, and more. 

The Memberful WordPress plugin makes it simple to incorporate Memberful on a WordPress website. Although you can utilize Memberful with other website builders, you can’t construct members-only web pages with them because they don’t enable single sign-on. You will be able to sell memberships on your website, but you will have to distribute information that is only available to members using one of Memberful’s email newsletter or discussion forum integrations. 

07. Subhub

A straightforward method for creating and managing a membership site is SubHub. On your Subhub site, you can set up recurring subscriptions, create several membership levels, process credit card payments, generate redemption or promotion codes to provide customers discounts and set up monthly, annual, one-time, or recurring payment plans for members.

You have two options when creating your website: you may use one of SubHub’s templates or you can pay the customer success team to create a bespoke design for you.  

08. WishList Member 

With the help of the membership plugin WishList MemberTM, any WordPress website can become a full-fledged membership site with secured, members-only content, integrated payments, member management, and more.

Once the plugin is activated, you can check membership statistics and data in your dashboard, interact with any of the 20 authorized payment sources, and safeguard your content with a single click.

09. MemberPress 

Selling digital download products and managing membership memberships are both made simple with the help of the premium WordPress plugin MemberPress. 

Based on a member’s membership status, you can use MemberPress to grant (or deny) access to your posts, pages, videos, categories, tags, feeds, communities, and digital files.


A membership site builder that provides your members with a better integrated experience and a range of features all under one brand—your brand—is what you should be ideally search for. 

You’re seeking for software for membership sites that:

  • makes it simple to create a lovely, efficient home for your membership site and advertise it to the appropriate audience.
  • provides unique material that is routinely given through organized courses, interactive features, articles, and emails.

Emphasize community by providing your users with a variety of options to build relationships, including surveys, Q&As, a central activity feed, and direct messaging.

Each membership site listed gives you an option to create a platform that caters to your need – however, some are limited to basic features only. Other membership sites are recommended for use only if you have the budget to pay for their premium features. 

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